On the 23rd of May at 4pm Irish time, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Data Science Centre, School of Population Health, will welcome a seminar from Dr Daniel Goldstein – specialist in oncology, internal medicine, and health economics.

The seminar will be introduced by Dr Jonathan Briody – health economist in the Division of
Population Health Sciences, RCSI and researcher on the EU Horizon 2020 Project COLOSSUS. Though
not directly linked to Dr Goldstein’s work, COLOSSUS includes an important health economics aspect.
Dr Briody will give a brief introduction to the COLOSSUS project during the seminar

For information on the COLOSSUS project click here.

Per the attached flyer, this seminar will draw on Dr Goldstein’s considerable experience consulting on policy advancements in health care systems to offer insights and updates on modern developments in precision medicine for oncology. Particularly, experience personalising previously standardised national treatment programmes to provide greater cost-effectiveness of care without hurting patient outcomes. Free registration for this seminar is available here.

COLOSSUS Daniel Goldstein RCSI DSC