The IANO is a member of EONS as are many other European oncology nursing societies. As EONS members, we are referred to as a National Members Society.

Our National Membership Benefits are:

  • Reduced registration rates for the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) conference and the European Cancer Congress
  • The opportunity to meet and network with European oncology nurses
  • The opportunity to participate in EONS educational and research projects (the ESO-EONS Master class in oncology nursing )
  • The opportunity to apply for research workshops and clinical travel grants
  • Enables us to have access to some of the EONS education programmes such as TITAN and TARGET and to deliver these programmes to our members at a local level.
  • Access to the EONS newsletter which is available on the website to read online or to download
  • Reduced subscription rates for the European Journal of Oncology Nursing (EJON)
  • IANO members also have the opportunity to influence the future of cancer nursing in Europe through contributions at EONS meetings; EONS advisory council annual meeting (held in November of every year), the IANO president attends and represents the IANO ( if the president is unable to attend, a member of the NEC attends). All the National cancer nursing societies are represented at this meeting. CARE working Groups (Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education). IANO members have the opportunity to be part of one of the CARE working groups

IANO members may also put their names forward to become members of the EONS board when such positions become available.

Any IANO member can have individual EONS membership

Working Groups

EONS have four Working Groups (WG’s), conforming to the EONS CARE strategy: Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education (CARE). The Working Groups are responsible for delivering strategic expert advice to the EONS Executive Board and for overseeing the work of their assigned Task Groups.

• Communication Working Group (WG)
The IANO representative on this Working Group is Eileen O’Donovan. Eileen was Co-Chair working closely with Chair Paul Travatt from 2012 – 2014. She continues to be a member of the working group.

• Education Working Group (WG)
Patricia Fox has been a member of the EONS Education Working Group (WG) since 2012. In addition to providing feedback on updates of various EONS educational projects, she has also recently assumed responsibility for coordinating the EONS/ESO e-grandrounds. As with all members of the EONS Education WG, she attends one face to face meeting of the WG each year and communicates by email otherwise.

• EONS Task Group
The Education Working group has set up a task group to review and update their dedicated education programme on Targeted Therapies. The IANO have facilitated a number of education sessions on the EONS Targeted Therapies programme and have been successful in delivering this programme to our members over the years. We have always provided positive as well as constructive feedback to EONS regarding this programme.

We were invited to have a representative on this task group to review the current Targeted Therapies education programme and were delighted when ANP Candidate Ada Keanneally agreed to be our representative. Ada has a wealth of knowledge and experience in oncology and most particularly with patients on targeted therapies. She has delivered presentations and workshops at a number of IANO conferences.

• EONS Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) Nursing Leadership Summit
A 2day summit was held in May 2014 in Dublin for specialist paediatric nurses. Two Irish nurses attended. The IANO hosted an evening for EONS / TCT during the summit.

• EONS Clinical Travel Grant 2015
Yvonne Hanhauser won the EONS Clinical Travel Grant for 2015 and as a result will be attending the Cancer Genetics Department of Fox Chase Cancer Centre, Philadelphia, USA. Yvonne is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in Breast Care in St. James Hospital. Congratulations!