The Dublin/Leinster Network

The Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology (IANO) is a non-profit organisation which promotes continuous Cancer nursing education and networking opportunities.

Throughout Ireland, IANO regional networks provide opportunities for members to avail of education and topical events to augment skills, foster closer IANO communities and share our nursing experiences and insights.

We are delighted to convene an IANO Dublin branch to facilitate positive experiences to benefit of our IANO nursing membership across County Dublin/Leinster region. We hope to continue to run 2 events a year.

We welcome new members from across Dublin/Leinster to join this new IANO branch and we look forward to welcoming you at our exciting Dublin/Leinster network

Our first launch night was the 12 May 2022 in in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

Topics discussed:

  • The Mentorship of the ANP
  • The ANP journey
  • Self-compassion and Wellbeing for Nurses

Please contact Niamh Byrne National Executive Committee member of the IANO for more details.