Welcome Note

Welcome to the Limerick Branch of the I.A.N.O. We are over 10 years established. In January 2002 a preliminary meeting was held. A committee of 10 people was formed with Chairperson Deborah English, Secretary Anne Quinlan and Treasurer Delma Hackett elected. On 22/1/2002 the inaugural committee meeting was held with the aim of holding 2-3 regional educational meetings annually. The first educational meeting organised was held on 11/4/2002 in the Castletroy Park Hotel. With over 80 people attending, the topic was colorectal cancer and the speakers were Professor Rajnish Gupta, Medical Oncologist and Mr David Waldron, General/Colorectal Surgeon. 10 years on The Limerick Branch continues to evolve. It is a successful and active branch, thanks to the commitment throughout the years of the various committee members .We are of course hugely indebted to the continuous support of the attendees, many of whom attend on their own time and expense, but without whose support we would find it difficult to exist. We are also thankful to the various companies who have provided sponsorship for our educational seminars over the last 10 years.
Mission Statement

To provide a programme for education and a forum for exchange of information for members of the nursing profession who care for people with cancer
Committee Membership:

At present the Limerick Branch has 13 members, with any nurse most welcome to join.

Chairperson:- Maureen O’Grady. maureen.ogrady@hse.ie

Secretary:- Susan Gilligan. susan.gilligan@hse.ie

Treasurer:- Lisa Burke-Joyce. lisaburkejoyce@gmail.com

Communications Officer: Deirdre Ryan. deirdrec.ryan@hse.ie

Representative on NEC:- Maureen O’Grady

Other committee members include Lorraine Duggan, Liz McNamara, Cathleen Osbourne and Catherine Hand. The committee members range from many specialities within the Cancer Services including Breast, Lung, Prostate, Oncology Day and Inpatient Unit as well as Clinical Nurse Managers.

At present the aim is to hold 4 educational meetings of 1.5- 2hours duration, per year. The branch acknowledges restrictions on the release of staff from the clinical area for attendance at the educational meetings. Our circulation/contact list includes the Hospitals in the Mid-West area, University of Limerick (student nurses), Public Health Nurses, Practice Nurses, Community Intervention Team, Homecare Team, Milford Hospice and all Nursing Homes in the Mid-West area. Other disciplines are also most welcome to attend. If you wish to be included in our circulation list, please contact one of the above members.
Past Events

Contact Details for further information

Chairperson: Maureen O’Grady. maureen.ogrady@hse.ie