Join EONS and the expert panel for webinar #2 – Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer – to learn about the unique needs of these patients and how you can support and care for them.

A cancer diagnosis at any age is a shock, but a cancer diagnosis when you’re young is devastating. Every day, seven young people hear the words “you have cancer”. Studies, career, relationships, confidence, life all get thrown off track. Life turned completely upside down at a time when life should be whatever you want it to be.

A huge amount of care and support is needed for these patients and their families.

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Maria Cable, independent nurse educator and researcher, Great Britain

Sue Haig, Palliative care clinical nurse specialist, Great Britain

Kateřina Šédová, physician, founder & CEO, Czech Republic


Eva Pape, YCN representative Belgium

Remziye Semerci, YCN representative Türkey