The IANO are delighted to introduce a new podcast for 2023.  The title is Advances in nmCRPC Prostate Cancer Treatment. In this episode we will focus on those patients with non-metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer.

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To coincide with this year’s European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND22) which took place on Wednesday 18th May and it’s theme: ‘Supporting cancer nurses in caring for themselves and their patients’, the IANO are very proud to launch a series of Podcasts around Management of Menopausal symptoms.

Episode 1 is entitled Demystifying the myths: HRT after Cancer”.

This is an important and controversial topic which we endeavour to navigate with our patients on a daily basis.

Episode 2 of our podcast series Menopause after Cancer is now available.  In this episode we continue our discussion about menopause after cancer.  We discuss symptoms of menopause and how we can more effectively support our patients. Please click here to listen.

Episode 3

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Menopause after Cancer: Sexuality & intimacy (part 1). This podcast discusses holistic needs assessment addressing communication of sexuality issues.