Welcome to the IANO Podcast series. In these podcasts we are aiming to provide nurses with an educational resource that is easily accessible and practical. The podcasts are a great way to update CPD. In the IANO podcasts Ada Kinneally presents a variety of cancer and treatment related issues that affect patients and their families on a daily basis.

Ada is joined by expert nurses and health care professionals who discuss a broad range of cancer related topics. These topics include the care of patients with cancer and their families, communication strategies to help you navigate challenging cancer related conversations, evidence based practice guidance and how cancer nurses can integrate EBP into their practice, signposting you to online resources, such as hospital and community services and useful educational resources.

We hope you enjoy the IANO Podcast series. If you enjoy the podcasts, please do encourage your colleagues to listen.


To coincide with European Cancer Nursing Day, ECND22 which took place on Wednesday 18th May and it’s theme: ‘Supporting cancer nurses in caring for themselves and their patients’, the IANO are very proud to launch a series of Podcasts around Management of Menopausal symptoms.

Episode 1      Demystifying the myths: HRT after Cancer”.

This is an important and controversial topic which we endeavour to navigate with our patients on a daily basis.

Episode 2   Menopause after Cancer.   In this episode we continue our discussion about menopause after cancer.  We discuss symptoms of menopause and how we can more effectively support our patients. Please click here to listen.

Episode 3

Menopause after Cancer: Sexuality & Intimacy (Part 1).  Please click here.  This podcast discusses holistic needs assessment addressing communication of sexuality issues.

Menopause after Cancer: Sexuality & Intimacy (Part 2), click here. We discuss sexuality and intimacy after cancer treatment for women with the aim to aid fellow nurses in this difficult topic.


To coincide with European Cancer Nursing Day, ECND23 which took place on Thursday 18th May we launched the following podcasts.

Episode 4

In this episode titled Advances in nmCRPC Prostate Cancer Treatment, we will focus on those patients with non-metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer.

Please click here to listen.

Episode 5

Exercise Throughout & Beyond Cancer

How often have you heard a patient undergoing cancer treatment being advised to rest and take it easy on treatment? How confident do you feel advising patients and their families about recommended levels and types of exercise throughout cancer treatment and in recovery? In this episode Jean Feaheny discusses the recommendations for those with a cancer diagnosis, how nurses and HCP can support  advise, and signposts us to relevant resources and exercise programmes available to cancer survivors in Ireland

Please click here to listen.

Episode 6

Psychological distress caused by a cancer diagnosis is recognised as a major influence on quality of life and wellbeing for patients and their families. Ada is joined by Gerd Murphy, RANP in Psycho-Oncology to discuss the necessity for a comprehensive psychosocial support & services throughout cancer experience.
Gerd highlights how nurses can offer ward based discussions with patients in distress who are
adjusting to a cancer diagnosis but also how to address more complex trauma informed responses. She discusses the Hospital and Community-based Psychosocial Care for Patients with Cancer and their Families.
Please click here to listen.
Episode 7
Supporting Men with nmCRPC On Treatment
Christine Leonard, CNS Oncology shares her experience of managing men’s care on novel ARI’s for non-metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer.
She addresses QOL, Fear of progression, side effect management & monitoring PSA on treatment.
This podcast has been supported by BAYER.

Please click here to listen.

Episode 8

Cancer Survivorship Care

Cancer survivors represents almost 4% of the population in Ireland at present. The number of survivors is predicted to double over the next 25 years. Ada & Catherine O’Brien, RANP in Cancer Survivorship discuss the concept of cancer survivorship care, how nurses can prepare & support cancer survivors throughout the entire cancer experience and beyond, the specialist hospital & community based services available in Ireland & how nurses can develop their own professional knowledge in the area of cancer survivorship.

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