WEBINAR #2: Cancer Nurses and Psychological Distress

Nov 27, 2023 – 18.00 CET (17.00 UK)

Tuğba Pehlivan, YCN representative, Turkey, Cláudia Gomes, YCN representative, Portugal
Psychological Distress:
Helena Lynch, YCN representative, Ireland
Life with burnout syndrome:
Michaela Popelkova, YCN Co-Chair, Czech Republic

WEBINAR #1: The Future of Cancer Treatments

November 8, 2023 – 18.00 CET (17.00 UK)CHAIRS:
Stavroula Chante, YCN representative, UK
Selma Islamčević, YCN representative, Croatia
CAR-T Cell Therapy: Bradley Dixon, MD
Robotic Surgery: Danko Kostadinov, MD, PhD., UK

Nightingale challenge 2023 – EONS – The European Oncology Nursing Society (cancernurse.eu)

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