Poster Competition Guidelines 2022

Poster Abstract Criteria
1. All poster abstracts must convey relevance to nurses working in cancer care. The
lead author must be a cancer nurse who is also a member of the IANO at the time of
abstract submission.
2. The poster abstract may describe (although not exhaustive), an original or replicated
research study, an audit or innovative practice change. The following are
recommended key elements/headings for both the poster abstract and poster:
• Title of Poster
• Authors and Affiliations (Omit on poster abstract page for purposes of blind
• Aim/Purpose
• Background/Significance
• Method (where applicable)
• Results/Outcome
• Conclusions and Implications
3. The text of the abstract should consist of no more than 300 words. The abstract
should not include references.
4. IANO NEC members may also submit a poster abstract, however, if accepted they
will not be considered eligible for a poster prize.
5. Poster abstracts will not be edited for content. Please ensure to proof read your
poster abstract for errors prior to submission.
6. Entrants can make multiple poster submissions.
7. No consideration will be provided for late entries.
8. All applicants will be notified with a decision on their poster abstract, one working
week after the abstract submission deadline date.
9. Please send your poster abstract to Please use a word document. The
closing date for submission of abstracts is 17.00h, 6 March 2020.

Once accepted, the following Poster Presentation Guidelines must be adhered to:
1. Poster size is AO Portrait (84.09cms wide and 118.9cms high). Posters exceeding
this size cannot be facilitated.
2. Successful applicants will be encouraged to adhere to our poster guidelines and
template, endorsed by the IANO and UKONS, created by Eli Lilly.
3. Posters should be produced in a manner that is suitable for display on a poster board
using Velcro. Do not bring posters that have been mounted on cardboard or heavier
material. Velcro securing strips will be provided by the conference organising
4. Posters can be mounted by any of the poster authors on the poster boards provided
on the evening prior to the conference day or on the morning of the conference
(prior to conference proceedings).
5. The judging panel for poster presentations is made up of two members of the IANO
NEC and one external expert member. The external expert will make any necessary
executive decisions.
6. IANO NEC member posters will be clearly signposted as ineligible for consideration of
a poster prize.
7. Prizes are in the form of an educational bursary. First prize is attendance at EONS
conference or equivalent education event. Second prize is attendance at UKONS
annual conference.
NEC 2022