Nursing, Genomics and Healthcare

Nurses comprise over 50% of the global healthcare workforce, and have an important role in bringing the benefits of genomics to patients. Despite this, genomics has not been systematically incorporated into nursing teaching curricula, and there have been no significant changes in nursing practice that bring genomics into day-to-day health care.This inaugural conference aims to address these concerns by focusing on pathways and resources to integrate genomics into clinical practice and nursing education. Overall the conference will focus on three strategic areas:Methods of achieving genomic competency, implementation, and integration into the practice setting, academic preparation, regulatory guidance and policyMechanisms for international collaborative efforts on nursing genomic integration and evidence-based researchInternational genomic nursing competencies, genomic integration assessment tool (ASIGN), and the G2NA implementation roadmap. The conference will bring together nurses and educators interested in mainstreaming genomics in the areas of education, practice, policy, research and leadership. The format will include presentations from international leaders, panel discussions and debates. Abstracts on all areas of the conference are welcome for poster or oral presentations.