European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS)

The IANO is a member of EONS as are many other European oncology nursing societies. As EONS members, we are referred to as a National Members Society.

Our National Membership Benefits are:

  • Reduced registration rates for the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) conference and the European Cancer Congress
  • The opportunity to meet and network with European oncology nurses
  • The opportunity to participate in EONS educational and research projects (the ESO-EONS Master class in oncology nursing )
  • The opportunity to apply for research workshops and clinical travel grants
  • Enables us to have access to some of the EONS education programmes such as TITAN and TARGET and to deliver these programmes to our members at a local level.
  • Access to the EONS newsletter which is available on the website to read online or to download
  • Reduced subscription rates for the European Journal of Oncology Nursing (EJON)
  • IANO members also have the opportunity to influence the future of cancer nursing in Europe through contributions at EONS meetings; EONS advisory council annual meeting (held in November of every year), the IANO president attends and represents the IANO ( if the president is unable to attend, a member of the NEC attends). All the National cancer nursing societies are represented at this meeting. CARE working Groups (Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education). IANO members have the opportunity to be part of one of the CARE working groups

IANO members may also put their names forward to become members of the EONS board when such positions become available.

Any IANO member can have individual EONS membership

Working Groups

EONS have four Working Groups (WG’s), conforming to the EONS CARE strategy: Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education (CARE). The Working Groups are responsible for delivering strategic expert advice to the EONS Executive Board and for overseeing the work of their assigned Task Groups.

• Communication Working Group (WG)
The IANO representative on this Working Group is Eileen O’Donovan. Eileen was Co-Chair working closely with Chair Paul Travatt from 2012 – 2014. She continues to be a member of the working group.

• Education Working Group (WG)
Patricia Fox has been a member of the EONS Education Working Group (WG) since 2012. In addition to providing feedback on updates of various EONS educational projects, she has also recently assumed responsibility for coordinating the EONS/ESO e-grandrounds. As with all members of the EONS Education WG, she attends one face to face meeting of the WG each year and communicates by email otherwise.

• EONS Task Group
The Education Working group has set up a task group to review and update their dedicated education programme on Targeted Therapies. The IANO have facilitated a number of education sessions on the EONS Targeted Therapies programme and have been successful in delivering this programme to our members over the years. We have always provided positive as well as constructive feedback to EONS regarding this programme.

We were invited to have a representative on this task group to review the current Targeted Therapies education programme and were delighted when ANP Candidate Ada Keanneally agreed to be our representative. Ada has a wealth of knowledge and experience in oncology and most particularly with patients on targeted therapies. She has delivered presentations and workshops at a number of IANO conferences.

• EONS Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) Nursing Leadership Summit
A 2day summit was held in May 2014 in Dublin for specialist paediatric nurses. Two Irish nurses attended. The IANO hosted an evening for EONS / TCT during the summit.

• EONS Clinical Travel Grant 2015
Yvonne Hanhauser won the EONS Clinical Travel Grant for 2015 and as a result will be attending the Cancer Genetics Department of Fox Chase Cancer Centre, Philadelphia, USA. Yvonne is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in Breast Care in St. James Hospital. Congratulations!

EONS Clinical Travel Grant 2015
Yvonne Hanhauser, ANP Breast Care, St. James Hospital, Dublin

I am very fortunate to be in receipt of the EONS Clinical Travel Grant for 2015 and as a result I will be attending the Cancer Genetics Department of Fox Chase Cancer Centre, Philadelphia, USA. This award provides an excellent opportunity for me to visit a very well established cancer genetics programme. As part of my caseload for the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in Breast Care in St. James Hospital, I am involved in the management and care of patients attending our breast service for breast cancer risk assessment and surveillance.

The knowledge and experience gained during this visit will be of great value to my own clinical area as this is an expanding patient group currently seen within the breast services at St. James Hospital. The role of the ANP in breast care and the management of this patient group as a nurse led function is the first of its kind in Ireland and this clinical visit will therefore provide an insight into an already established ANP role in Fox Chase Cancer Centre.

By attending this facility I am aiming to gain a valuable insight into the area of cancer genetics and the benefit of personalised cancer risk assessment. This will lead to a greater understanding of the subsequent information needs associated with cancer prevention and treatment planning for this cohort of patients.

In summary the main goals of this clinical visit are:
1. To evaluate a well-established cancer genetics service and compare with new role developed in own clinical area.
2. To develop current knowledge base and clinical skills relevant to this specialised area of cancer care.
3. To explore potential research options and collaboration possibilities that would benefit current clinical practice and patient care outcomes.

• EONS Advisory Council Meeting
Pauline Keogh represented the IANO National Executive Council at the EONS Advisory Council Meeting in Budapest in November 2014. The aim of this meeting was to discuss detailed plans for the future ideally around the EONS CARE strategy.

Pauline Kehoe, A/Patient Flow Co Ordinator, Waterford Regional Hospital

I had the privilege of representing the IANO National Executive Council at the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) advisory council meeting in Budapest in Nov 2014.

The Hungarian National Oncology Nursing group facilitated this meeting. This newly formed group was chosen by EONS for the meeting to enable them to promote, participate and network with the other members.

The meeting was attended by 28 delegates representing 20 of the 30 member countries, and was chaired by Erik Van Muilekom, President EONS.

The aim of this meeting was to discuss detailed plans for the future ideally around the EONS CARE strategy.

The Main Topics discussed were as follows;

Update on EONS role relating to new EU Engagements which board members have been involved through legislative and policy making bodies in Europe.

Discussion from the Chairperson of each working group included in the CARE strategy. This is the operational role of EONs, carried out under auspice of four core components

  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Education

There are working groups compiled of members from different countries including Ireland dedicated to each area. The delegates were updated by the chairperson of each group on the work/ projects carried out during the previous year and included an in depth discussion on the strategy for each going forward for 2015.

One of the most significant outcomes related to the variance in education standards across the member countries, and was agreed to be a main focus for the EONs group going forward to support national organisation’s with developing standards, using the EONs Cancer Curriculum, and also acting as an advocate for oncology nurses in promoting educational Standards.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a trip to the National Institute of Oncology, Budapest. The visit was facilitated by the Hungarian Oncology Nursing society and hosted by Martha Szalai, Director of Nursing. We were welcomed by the Hospital Management team and given a presentation about the functioning of each department which was really inspiring. However the most poignant presentation was without doubt from Martha herself who is not only director of nursing but also has been teaching Belly Dancing at the hospital for the past ten years. Yes that’s right belly dancing!!

A programme which she devised upon identifying a need for further support particularly relating to body image issues. She began with one young patient called Maria, who had been diagnosed with and was enduring treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Maria now assists with the programme and was also present during our visit to explain the positive rehabilitative effect it had for her and many other patient’s since commencement. Martha provided a short film made with the help of the inspiring patient’s past and present who were participating in the classes, which are held weekly now away from the hospital setting but with members of the hospital MDT present and available to provide dietary, exercise and psychological advice.

This was a really emotional experience for all of the delegates, feeling overwhelming having witnessed the enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and kindness of this team of people toward their patient’s health and wellbeing. Martha has completed a study on the outcome and benefit of the dancing class and written an article titled

A clinical study to assess the efficacy of belly dancing as a tool for rehabilitation in female patients with malignancies. This in article has been printed in the European Journal of Oncology Nursing (2014) 1-6.

To conclude, the meeting was very interactive, with many opportunities for discussion and networking with colleagues from across Europe and beyond, I was really inspired by the participants enthusiasm for their work as Oncology nurses, Educators and Service Managers, participating in a voluntary capacity, following in the footsteps of many other colleagues who had the foresight over 30 years ago to see the benefits of the knowledge and the strength of the collective voice to be gained for Oncology Nursing through membership and participation with European colleagues.