The 1st is a Letter to the Editor section. The best letter in this section will get €50 from the IANO. It may be controversial, humorous or informative. It must be less than 300 words and include contact details of the person submitting the letter.

The 2nd section is an Article of Interest section. This should be from 800 -1500 words and should be clinically based. It may be about an audit carried out, a standard of care which is used or outcomes of some research carried out as part of a higher education programme. An award of €200 will be made where an article of interest is chosen.

The criteria for judging this will be based on:

The article statement. Its significance for knowledge development amongst colleagues. Whether or not there is evidence to support the article. Steps taken to implement the new knowledge/findings.

Cancer Professional

The IANO regularly contributes to Cancer Professional Journal, as an IANO member, this opportunity is open to you.

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